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Sactown's T-shirt Project

The project started out as an evening in Amelia Island (during the Open) thinking about our club's logo. What should it be? How do we create it? When we searched online and came across the Hmong elephant footprint, we thought - this is it! The logo represents unity and strength. Our friend Jeanne-Marie Browning, a wiz with technology, was with us that evening and in a matter of minutes, created the club's logo on her laptop.

With logo established, we began to think about swag for our members - we need to look cool and represent our club on the courts. As we designed shirts for our club, we realized that we can create fun petanque merchandise for all players to enjoy and show their love for the sport. Where else in the U.S. can you find shirts designed by petanque players for petanque players? We don't know of any. Our last petanque shirt shopping expedition was either the skimpy selection on Amazon or custom made shirts from online t-shirt stores that costed us over $30 per shirt. Now, we have options.

Check out our shop and buy some custom-designed shirts for practice and tournaments, or as go-to everyday shirts to show your kindred spirit with our unique and fun petanque community. Have a design idea? Share with us - you may find it in our shop for you to buy :-)

Happy Shopping and Keep Playing!


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