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Practice kindness

Competition can be exciting and fun, but competition sometimes doesn't bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, most petanquers have probably witnessed unkind behaviors in tournaments, or those (overt and covert) tactics that players use to undermine their opponents or give themselves an advantage.

We don't believe that you have to resort to shady tactics or negative behaviors to win. In fact, we think being kind will actually produce better results in your game. While competition often involves striving to win and outperform others, it can be done in a way that is respectful, fair, and ethical. In fact, many successful competitors prioritize fairness and respect for their opponents, recognizing that the best way to compete is by bringing out the best in oneself and others.

Being unkind in competition can often lead to negative outcomes, such as harming others or damaging relationships. It can also create a negative atmosphere that detracts from the overall enjoyment and value of the competition. On the other hand, approaching competition with kindness, fairness, and respect can build strong relationships, improve skills, and create a sense of community.

Competition is not inherently negative or positive, but rather it is the actions and attitudes of the individuals involved that determine its impact. By striving to compete with kindness, fairness, and respect, we can create a positive competitive environment that benefits everyone involved. Isn't that what pétanque is all about?


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