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Petanque makes us appreciate our planet

Whether it's a sunset that you catch as you prepare to leave the courts or the sound of ocean waves nearby, you will enjoy some of these experiences when you play petanque. Because petanque is an outdoor sport as well as a social activity, we often spend hours outside and with other people - not just playing but sharing stories, eating, and drinking. Being outdoors together gives us a sense of place and community with our fellow petanquers. It also nudges us to appreciate the many things that we often take for granted, such as the sun that warms us, the trees that shade us, the songs of birds from above, or the laughters that stem from our connections with other human beings. So, want to practice mindfulness? Next time you are at the courts, take a moment and look up from your boules - see the beauty around you and express gratitude, whatever it is that makes you grateful in that moment. You may even catch a gorgeous sunset or a full moon rising.


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