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Amelia Island 2021

November 13-15, 2021

We had a blast!

Christophe, Michelle, Tom, Suzie, and Phominik have been waiting for this weekend all year long! Our friend Songmi Keating welcomed us to the island and made us feel at home. We reconnected with old friends, made new ones, and played our hearts out. After a year of no pétanque in 2020, the island was filled with pétanquers who were hungry to play. Some of our funnest games were pick-up games before the weekend as we scoped out our competitions and warmed up on the sandy and at times very unpredictable terrains - do we plombee or roll?

The weather was as good as it gets for tournaments - overcast in the morning then sunny most of the day, allowing us to play in t-shirts. The pétanque gods were kind to us. We were mesmerized by the sunsets over the harbor - deep hues of orange and yellow that made us feel lucky to be alive. Instead of eating out, we had dinners at our rental home and enjoyed the company of Ziggy, Debbie, Roland, Songmi, Gary, and Stacey. We talked nonstop about pétanque and laughed out loud. The exciting ending to our weekend was watching the final match with Ziggy and Roland against the pro Marco Foyot (and his partner Bernard) and celebrating Ziggy and Roland's epic win (13-10). It was Roland's first time competing at Amelia Island - what a debut! We were sad to leave on Monday but knew that we will return. See you next time Amelia!

Ziggy, Roland, Bernard, and Marco


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