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Florin Creek court gets a facelift

Courts are like people - they change with age, and sometimes they need a little rejuvenation to give them more life and happiness. As seasons come and go, the terrain at Florin Creek Park became hard and unplayable. At first, we thought it would be a welcomed challenge to play on a hard, fast court and see who can point and shoot better, but then we came to the realization that it was not pétanque but bowling; our boules were like teenagers - we couldn't control them!

Thanks to donations from our members, we were able to purchase new rocks and pebbles to spread on the court. Our strong work crew (Tom, Yor, Phominik, Christophe, & Mike) cranked out the hard labor - thank you team for doing the heavy lifting! Now, when someone says, let's play at Florin - we say, gladly!


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