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Does size matter?

If we are talking about pétanque boules, then yes and depends. In terms of regulations, there are rules about how heavy and large you boules can be. According to the official rules of pétanque, the diameter of the boules should be between 70.5mm and 80mm, with a weight between 650g and 800g. It's difficult to find boules smaller than 71mm, and some brands don't even offer boules smaller than 72mm. Same with weight, some brands don't offer boules that weigh less than 680g.

But how do you know what size boules you need? When most of us started playing, we used recommendations that can be found on various websites. They all recommend something similar to what you find on Obut, your boule shouldn't be too small or too big. However, as we gained experience in pétanque and talked to professional players, we discovered that size and weight are personal preferences. For example, we were surprised to learn one female professional player plays with 74 mm boules, and her hand size would have been considered too small for 74 mm based Obut's recommendation. Yet, this player handled her boules with amazing control, both pointing and shooting. We never saw the boule slipped out of her hand because it was too big. The boule size and weight may depend on the player's style, grip, the terrain, and perhaps even their position on the team - pointer or shooter. For example, we hear that pointers prefer heavier boules, and shooters prefer lighter boules. Ultimately, we think you should play with boules you feel most comfortable with. Only you know the right boules for you.


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