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Craving Carreaus: Deciphering Signs of a Pétanque Addiction

Here are signs that you may have an addiction to pétanque:

  1. Obsessive Thoughts: You're in a deep conversation with someone, discussing the weather or politics, and your mind drifts to pétanque strategies. You can't help but wonder, "Should I have shot instead of pointed in that last end?"

  2. Neglecting Responsibilities: You stop doing laundry and washing dishes, and start calling in sick at work because you have to practice shooting from dawn to dusk.

  3. Social Isolation: You stop talking to your best friends, parents, and children as you have no time for them now.

  4. Failed Attempts to Cut Down: You've tried to spend less time on the courts, but your boules mysteriously end up in your hands, and you find yourself getting into your car and driving to the courts like a boule-seeking missile.

  5. Emotional Attachment: You've named your boules and insist that they have a strong connection to your chakras and energy balance.

  6. Unsuccessful Attempts to Quit: You've decided to quit pétanque multiple times, only to find yourself back on the court, swearing that this time you'll only play a quick game. Six hours later...

  7. Tolerance: You've started treating your boules like fine wine, believing that they age like a good Bordeaux and improve with time. You even caught yourself whispering, "Ah, a vintage throw," before each shot.

  8. Loss of Interest in Other Activities: You no longer read or watch movies; instead, you find yourself searching for a pétanque tournament on YouTube that you haven't seen yet. When you realized that you have seen them all, you rewatch great matches like France vs. Thailand.

If these signs speak to you, take heart. While your passion for pétanque might seem all-consuming, remember that there are worse addictions out there. At least pétanque keeps you active, engaged, and laughing with friends. So keep aiming high and embrace the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, being addicted to pétanque is a pretty fun place to be. Who needs coffee when you have carreaus?


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