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2022 is a good year for Sactown Petanque

Sactown members have played hard in 2022, and the year is not over yet. Our club was formed almost a year ago with the mission of playing pétanque, and that's exactly what we did. We traveled near and far to participate in regional, national, open, and world qualifier events. We also showed our commitment to the pétanque community by hosting several regionals and the Women's Triples World Qualifier this year. Along the way, we supported our members who competed and improved our skills and mental focus with each tournament. Even when we lose, we get right back on the saddle and practice even harder.

We are sharing pictures of Sactown winners and their partners. We are sad that the 2022 pétanque season is coming to a close but can't wait to compete in 2023 and see our pétanque friends again. In the meantime, we can be found with boules, hand warmers, and portable lights at the courts during the winter months, continuing to have fun and honing our skills.

Congratulations to Sactown members who medaled in 2022: Chan Xiong, Christophe Sarafian, Jeanne-Marie Browning, Jer Thao, Kue Lee, Michelle Dang, Mike lee, Mone Lee, Phominik Lee, Roland Rakotondramanana, Tom Lee, Suzie Lee, and Yor Lee.

Bravo Sactown!

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It's been a pleasure to get to know the Sacramento branch of the family.

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