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About us 

Our mission is to play pétanque and create an inclusive community of pétanque players. The club was founded by a vibrant group of friends who are passionate about pétanque.  When they found themselves practicing every day and competing in tournaments, they realized that Sacramento needed a club dedicated to pétanque and thus established Sactown Petanque.  They want to grow the sport and support pétanque players at all levels. 

The story behind our logo  - the logo was inspired by an iconic symbol in the Hmong culture of an elephant's footprint (ko taw ntxhw); the symbol represents life, family unity, and strength. We thought it was fitting as it reflects our support and friendship for each other and the strength we gain as members of Sactown Petanque. 


Let's meet up at the courts!


We play most evenings and weekends at Mather Sports Center (across from the water tower) and Florin Creek Park. Text Tom Lee 916-617-1527 if you would like to know about a specific day of play. 


Check our Events page for current events and calendars.

We  welcome all players and have extra boules (balls) for new players who want to learn the game.  To play, you just need boules and a positive attitude!  


Information for new players:

  • Learn the rules  by watching this video

  • This training guide developed by other clubs has detailed tips on how to play.

  • Watch these clips of expert players to get an idea of how the game is played at the highest level.

Court Locations